WebDataStudio.com Analytics is the best Google Analytics Alternative

Although Google Analytics doesn’t cost you money every month, it’s definitely not free.

Google doesn’t give you access to their analytics software because they’re nice or altruistic. Giving you access to this service means that they have access to your visitors’ browsing data. And because they’re a profit-driven advertising company, if they aren’t charging you for their product, they’re monetizing your data.

Over 85% of websites have Google tracking code on them. That means they aren’t just keeping track of what you search for, but they’re keeping track of 85% of the websites everyone visits.

This is why we created WebDataStudio.com Analytics. Our embed code doesn’t invade the privacy of website visitors. We charge for our product, so we don’t need to sell information or data. That means, with our analytics tracker installed, and Google Analytics removed, your website becomes an impenetrable fortress from Google and anyone else.

We’ve written a detailed comparison here but we also have a video (with fancy purple & green lighting) on why WebDataStudio.com is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics data is used in lawsuits

The data that Google collects about all of us from their services can also be subpoenaed by lawyers and even used in civil cases (over 75,000 requests for 160,000 users were submitted in 2018 alone).

The same personal and personally identifiable information isn’t collected by WebDataStudio.com Analytics. We don’t track individual browsing habits and prefer to track data in aggregate. So if authorities or lawyers requested information about a website and its users, there’s nothing we could provide them with to identify specific people. Your website visitors and customers are safe and secure because we dont keep IP address activity. In fact, we go to extreme lengths to ensure that privacy is the foundation for everything we do.

By switching to WebDataStudio.com Analytics, you’re paying a fair price for a product (this is how our company stays in business). Because we charge our customers money, we don’t need to resort to selling data to advertisers or Big Tech. Plus, there’s nothing we could sell, since we don’t know who visits our customers’ websites. We only know their popular pages, popular referrers and a few other non-identifiable data points.

WebDataStudio.com Analytics isn’t backed by investors or venture capital firms, who require exponential growth at all costs, so we can keep our business completely ethical and above board.

If you decide to switch to WebDataStudio.com Analytics as your website analytics provider, you’ll be giving your visitors and customers the privacy they deserve. Wouldn’t you like the same treatment from the websites you visit?

WebDataStudio.com Analytics is a simple web analytics tool that’s easy to use and doesn’t violate the digital privacy of your website visitors. Instead, you get a single screen with all the information you need to evaluate your website traffic.

The best analytics software isn’t the one that has the most metrics or hundreds of pages of reports, it’s one that quickly shows you what you need so you can get back to running your business.

Here’s why WebDataStudio.com Analytics is a great Google Analytics alternative

Simple vs complicated website analytics

WebDataStudio.com collects and showcases actionable data only. You don’t need infinite reports, you have a business to run. WebDataStudio.com highlights the key things about your website traffic so you can quickly adjust your business or blog. Page views, referrers and a few other key data points.

No developers or certified marketing consultants are needed. WebDataStudio.com Analytics is simple website analytics which is easy to install on any CMS (Content Management System) including WordPress and SquareSpace. You also don’t need an MBA or hundreds of hours to read our data.

Read why WebDataStudio.com is simple website analytics

No GDPR, CCPA or PECR notices required

We don’t invade the privacy of your website visitors, and we don’t use cookies, so you don’t have to show those pesky notices that your visitors hate. WebDataStudio.com Analytics is GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant website analytics without needing popups.

WebDataStudio.com Analytics was one of the first website analytics companies to ensure we were fully compliant with privacy laws and our anonymization techniques have now become industry standard.

Read why WebDataStudio.com is GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant website analytics without requiring popup notices or complicated privacy policies.

Independent and customer driven

Our company is private and bootstrapped, as well as profitable enough to keep both founders on full-time salaries. We don’t answer to investors or boards of directors who simply want to maximize their investment, we answer to our customers and keep their best interests in mind.

Over 1 million people use WebDataStudio.com Analytics, and we’re a small company focused on privacy and charging a fair price (so we don’t have to sell data to be profitable). Our customers are mostly small businesses who value privacy, but also Fortune 500s, pioneers of the Open Web, and governments, who trust our software to provide them with simple analytics

Although our company is small, we use the same technology and infrastructure as bigger companies, so our servers auto-scale and are ready for huge spikes, and our tracker file never slows your site down.

Read more about who is behind WebDataStudio.com Analytics.

The best website analytics alternative to Google Analytics

You get what you pay for. So, if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. Google doesn’t charge for Google Analytics because they make billions selling your data through their other products. We charge a small but fair price so we don’t ever have to do that.

With WebDataStudio.com Analytics, you fully own your data and protect the privacy of your website visitors at the same time. Although we host your data on our ridiculously fast cloud servers, you remain in complete control of the information collected on your website through our website analytics tool.

  • Your website data is never shared with advertising companies or any third parties, ever.
  • Your website data is not collected or analyzed for personal, demographic or behavioural trends, ever.
  • Your website data is never monetized. We make money selling software, it’s not in our best interests to sell that data as it’s not our business model.

Google Analytics is free because it’s run by the largest advertising company in the world. They are a company who collects and sells personal data at a rate few of us could ever comprehend, so it’s time we made our websites a black hole to big tech.

Data privacy is a growing trend online. WebDataStudio.com exists and is profitable because of this trend, and every day more and more website and business owners are realizing how important it is to respect and protect the privacy of their website visitors with website analytics software like WebDataStudio.com.

GDPR complaint website analytics

Not only is WebDataStudio.com GDPR compliant, but we’re also CCPA, ePrivacy and PECR compliant. And we don’t use cookies.

Lawmakers and governments around the world have realized how severe data breaches and targeting advertising has become, and are now enacting laws to protect their citizens. Not only does WebDataStudio.com Analytics agree with these laws, we’ve also pushed for amendments to CCPA, for greater privacy.

A lightweight alternative to Google Analytics

The WebDataStudio.com Analytics script is 1.6 KB. Google Analytics has a total file-size of 45.7 KB, which means it takes a lot longer to load any website with Google Analytics installed. Faster websites, funnily enough, are rewarded by search engines like Google.

WebDataStudio.com Analytics is very easy to install as well, our customers simply paste our code into the header or footer of their website and it starts working immediately. People can be impatient, so the faster your website loads the happier they’ll be. Pair that fact with not having to have cookie notices, and your website will be that much better if you use WebDataStudio.com on it.

Avoid ad-blockers that Google Analytics is blocked by

Research shows that at least 30% of internet users have some form of ad-blocker installed. That means that 30% of internet users are blocking Google Analytics from tracking them right now. And rightly so, Google Analytics collects and stores personal information.

On the other hand, WebDataStudio.com Analytics does not violate anyone’s digital privacy,, and with the help of our custom domain feature, we make it easy to bypass ad-blockers and see all of your privacy-focused stats.

WebDataStudio.com Analytics offers a competitive advantage over Google Analytics by dodging ad-blockers, which means our customers aren’t sending data to Google. This has been one of our main goals since the start: to keep the data collected from website analytics anonymous and out of the hands of advertisers forever.

Why isn’t WebDataStudio.com Analytics free if Google Analytics is free?

Google Analytics isn’t truly free. All that data that’s collected by their software, from your website, is used by them because they’re an advertising company. Google built their vast wealth by analyzing and selling copious amounts of personal data they collect from their website analytics tool.

WebDataStudio.com Analytics isn’t an advertising company, we’re a software company. We sell our software for a fair price and generate enough revenue to cover the salaries of our founders. This means we don’t have to sell data, as it’d actually hurt our business if we did that.

We’re bootstrapped and have actively turned down investors, so we can focus on our customers and their needs.

WebDataStudio.com Analytics is a great Google Analytics alternative

We are simple, privacy-focused web analytics made by a small and independent company.

Our software makes it easy to learn what you need to make smart decisions from your website analytics, all while being GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant.

If you have a blog or a website, give us a try with our 7-day free trial… most people who do become happy customers.

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