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GDPR ready. We won't even store cookies without your visitors permission. No personal information including IP address will be tracked. If any personal information is being tracked, visitor will be asked via a GDPR consent popup.

Why is a simple, light-weight, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics. So, stop scrolling through pages of reports and collecting gobs of personal data about your visitors, both of which you probably don’t need. Our website stats show up on a single, blazingly fast dashboard so you can make business decisions quickly.

Other free analytics tools collect vast amounts of personal information about every visitor to your website, but we don’t think that’s fair or even that useful. We believe that analytics software should respect the privacy of your website visitors.

We’re fully GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy and PECR compliant because we don’t invade digital privacy. Our tracker is so focused on privacy that you don’t even need to add one of those annoying cookie tracking notices to your website!

Stop sending your visitor's data to big tech companies Analytics helps you collect analytics you need to run your business without feeling guilty or breaking any privacy laws. Read how we protect digital privacy.

Best Top Web Data Analytics Features

Best way to see a visitors journey throughout your website. What they click, where they’re going and what they like and do not understand. You can easily replay their sessions and see exactly what they did.

Heatmaps is a very easy to use feature to test out pages on your website and understand which parts are the most used by a collection of users on your website.

We never sell your data, you own it! Why would you get a service like this compared when Google analytics is available? Because your data matters, we never sell your data and you are in full control of it. You can delete it at any time!

Our analytics give you just what you need: your top content, top referrers and a few more useful details. Everything you need is on a single screen, so you can use the data to make decisions quickly.

All of our pricing plans include unlimited: websites, custom domains and email reports. That means you can track your company site, weekend project and personal blog, all from the same account. See our pricing

Our software is built to handle billions of page views and uses enterprise-level architecture. So your site won’t ever be slowed down by our tracker, and our fair pricing model protects you from big bills for occasional overages.

Your dashboard shows you all the most useful information about your website like top content, top referrers, top actions, and more.

Our on-demand, auto-scaling servers will never slow your site down. Our tracker file is served via our super-fast CDN, with endpoints located around the world to ensure fast page loads.

See what content is the most popular on your website and how that changes over time. This will help guide things like which blog posts are resonating (so you can write more on that topic).

By default, your dashboard and analytics are only viewable by you, the account holder. But you are free to share your dashboard with others via a password-protected private link, or make it completely public.

Anything that’s on your dashboard is yours and yours alone. We store it, back it up and serve it to you on our real-time dashboard, but if you ever want to export it, you simply click a button and export it.

We never take your tracking offline because of a traffic spike, and we only upgrade your plan if you’re consistently over it for 2 months or you hit our very high thresholds (i.e. not just a handful of traffic spikes).

Realtime visitor analytics

Curious to see realtime data? You can check and how many users are online, which devices are the most popular and what pages are most accessed. is trusted by thousands of businesses to power their privacy-first website analytics

What kind of companies use Fortune 100s, pioneers of the Open Web, Premier League football clubs, banks, and governments around the world all use our software to provide them with a privacy-focused and easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics. Not to mention loads of small and mighty companies are customers as well.

User Behavior Analytics

Being able to properly analyze your users, is one of the key success factors of a website. Powerful tools are needed.

Web Statistics

These statistics are the foundation on which to perform website audits and improve your online presence.


Create heatmaps for every page of your website and see at a glance which areas experience a lot or little visitor interaction.

Campaigns Performance

Enhance your existing links with Urchin Tracking Module parameters in order to let our tool to automatically process & visualize your marketing campaigns data!