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Heatmaps are an intuitive way to understand webpage visitor clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements. Activate them to learn how traffic really engages with your website on a page-by-page level, and then use these insights to better achieve your business end goals.


Our heatmaps are easy to use and also simplify data analysis significantly. Generate one in seconds and then return once it's collected data. See how your pages are performing over any time period, and use these insights to enhance the user experience.







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With Webdata, creating a heatmap is simple. Choose whether you want to generate one for a specific page or dynamic page. Then name it. Choose the color palette, and decide whether you want to limit data capture to 2,500 visits or increase to up to 8,000 views.


Alternatively, the UTM pattern tool also enables you to generate a heatmap that analyzes multiple similarly designed webpages at the same time. Simply input the protocol, domain, path, query string, or fragment. Then, activate the heatmap and move on with your day.


It'll now be ticking away in the background, collecting data up to the selected view count. But you can pause or reset data capture whenever you want.  Our heatmaps really are as simple as that, but the insights they provide will up your optimization game remarkably











Create Custom Event Triggers




Manual event tracking enables you to analyze visitor interactions that are not tracked by default. This enables you to then further customize TWIPLA to the exact specifications of your business, and to get even deeper and more relevant insights on anything you need.


So dive into the intuitive event tag generator. Quickly define any new website user action to track. Copy the generated trigger and paste it into your site. Then, return to the overview and see reports on these manual events alongside those tracked automatically.  

So leverage manual event tracking to understand niche website visitor behavior that our standard automatic tracking might be missing. Then, use these insights to fine-tune your marketing strategies and gain more of an advantage over the competition.











Make your session recordings even more powerful


Confirm Session recordings Insights With Users 

Implemented WebDataStudio to track user interactions, A/B test changes, and analyze user flow.

Utilized WebDataStudio to analyze user listening habits and preferences.

Used WebDataStudio to track customer journey from landing page to purchase, identifying drop-off points.

Deployed WebDataStudio to monitor article performance, reader demographics, and behavior.

Implemented WebDataStudio to track user behavior, including clicks, navigation patterns, and video watch times.

Used WebDataStudio to track campaign performance across various digital channels.

Leveraged WebDataStudio to monitor feature adoption and usage patterns.

Used WebDataStudio to analyze user acquisition channels and campaign performance.

Implemented WebDataStudio to track and unify data from various digital marketing campaigns.

Used WebDataStudio to track lead sources, user interactions, and conversion rates.


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