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Website Statistics Features


Pages enables you to understand how your site is performing from the perspective of individual webpages. Immediately identify your top-performing URLs. See what captures audience interest, and then use these insights to inform content and design decisions.


With Webdata, it's easy to analyze page performance from any perspective. See all your top webpages at a glance, or jump to key information on landing pages, transaction pages, and referring sites. Then, leverage this knowledge to increase traffic and conversions.







Behavior Analytics Features


Your Guide to More Successful Content Delivery



Jump into the Pages module, and you'll be welcomed by a list of all your webpages ordered by visit numbers. Immediately see the key high-level metrics that matter most for these URLs: top-performing pages, page visit numbers, and their percentage of total site visits.


Then, go deeper. Filter what you see by page URL, and compare similar page types side by side. Limit the data to a date range of your choice. It's all highly intuitive, and you can also jump straight to any of the listed webpages for ease of reference with a single click.


Understand website visitor numbers in context. Discover which content, design, or layout is the most popular with your audience, and others that need improving. Then, use these data-driven insights to effectively optimize content delivery and increase visit numbers.







Visitor Communication Features




Quickly identify your top website entry points and open each with one click for ease of reference. Alternatively, filter the module to only show the landing URLs that interest you. See the number of sessions that started there, as well as their proportion of all website journeys.


Know where website visitors first land. Then, use this data to decide which pages to work on first, and which to leave for later. Manage your resources efficiently to focus on work that will have the highest impact on website performance and wider business success.

So take these data-driven insights and also optimize the initial user experience. Improve content that's seen first so that site traffic stays around for longer. Use it to also refine SEO strategies, as well as to improve the effectiveness of marketing and conversion pathways.












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