UTM campaigns


UTM campaigns


Make Outreach More Successful 


UTM campaigns is a powerful website statistics feature that enables you to analyze the performance of any online marketing campaign. From individual newsletters to paid ads and large multi-channel initiatives, get the insights you need to drive campaign results.


With WEBDATA, analyzing campaigns is easy. Simply generate the UTM link, share it with your audience, and dive back into TWIPLA to analyze performance in real time. Then, quickly increase traffic, clicks, and engagement by using these data-driven insights.






Create a UTM Campaign Link


Your Guide to More Successful Content Delivery




Our UTM link generator allows you to quickly build the URL you need for any marketing campaign, and enables our platform to accurately analyze performance later. Everything's been designed to be as intuitive as possible, just as you'd expect from WEBDATA.


So dive into this module. Input the webpage address that your campaign is built around. Specify the digital channel type you're using. Name it, and include any other information you may need to analyze your custom campaign later.


Then you're ready! Copy the generated UTM link and add it to your campaign outreach. Share it with your audience in whatever channel you want. If you're creating a multi-channel campaign, simply create another UTM code for each element of it in the same way.








All Your Top Metrics At-a-Glance




After you use the UTM URL Builder to create links, WEBDATA automatically begins to generate categorized insights when users visit your website via these links. When you have several campaigns running, visit the overview section to compare their performance.


The campaigns' summary displays all the important metrics clearly for easy comprehension. View an intuitive chart of campaign visitor statistics. Rank your campaigns by website traffic and also identify your most effective keywords across your various initiatives.

Further down, you will find charts for your top referral sources, channels, and URL segments. View a list of the most recent campaign visitors, complete with an interactive map showing their locations. Use WEBDATA to gain the insights for campaign success.













Make your session recordings even more powerful


Confirm Session recordings Insights With Users 

Implemented WebDataStudio to track user interactions, A/B test changes, and analyze user flow.

Utilized WebDataStudio to analyze user listening habits and preferences.

Used WebDataStudio to track customer journey from landing page to purchase, identifying drop-off points.

Deployed WebDataStudio to monitor article performance, reader demographics, and behavior.

Implemented WebDataStudio to track user behavior, including clicks, navigation patterns, and video watch times.

Used WebDataStudio to track campaign performance across various digital channels.

Leveraged WebDataStudio to monitor feature adoption and usage patterns.

Used WebDataStudio to analyze user acquisition channels and campaign performance.

Implemented WebDataStudio to track and unify data from various digital marketing campaigns.

Used WebDataStudio to track lead sources, user interactions, and conversion rates.



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