ecommerce Statistics


ecommerce Statistics


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eCommerce Statistics is a powerful feature that online sellers can leverage to guide the growth of their retail store and drive success. Use it to gain granular insight into customers and prospects, the popularity of different products, and wider purchasing behavior.


WEBDATA has every tool needed to monitor revenue, improve store design, optimize offerings, and boost marketing effectiveness. And since the eComm feature is part of a complete website intelligence solution, this makes us an ideal companion for your business.






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Jump into the overview and see all the performance metrics that matter. Assess the overall health of your store, and how this has changed over time. Track growth, engagement, and revenue at a glance and monitor the impact of any optimization activates.


Then, analyze customer behavior and sales patterns. Understand your income stream and the effectiveness of sales funnels. Know shopping habits, transaction volumes, and peak activity periods, and leverage this intelligence to make informed marketing decisions.


The eCommerce Statistics overview also offers deep insights about your products and inventory. Identify your best performing items and opportunities for optimization or promotion. Use the data to enhance your product offering and customer experience, and drive sales!








Client Data Hub




Next, dive into the eCommerce Customers module and keep track of everyone who has bought from your store. See all the important information in one place, including their names, IDs, and phone numbers, as well as the gross revenue and order count for each.


This dynamic feature makes it really easy to see at a glance who bought what, and to identify the top customers in your community. Use it to gauge customer retention, and to also pinpoint fertile opportunities for personalized marketing and store promotions.

Leverage this tool to significantly enhance your customer database management. And by analyzing customer spending patterns, it's a great way to increase loyalty and optimize revenue by targeting the customers that have proven themselves most likely to buy from you.











Make your session recordings even more powerful


Confirm Session recordings Insights With Users 

Implemented WebDataStudio to track user interactions, A/B test changes, and analyze user flow.

Utilized WebDataStudio to analyze user listening habits and preferences.

Used WebDataStudio to track customer journey from landing page to purchase, identifying drop-off points.

Deployed WebDataStudio to monitor article performance, reader demographics, and behavior.

Implemented WebDataStudio to track user behavior, including clicks, navigation patterns, and video watch times.

Used WebDataStudio to track campaign performance across various digital channels.

Leveraged WebDataStudio to monitor feature adoption and usage patterns.

Used WebDataStudio to analyze user acquisition channels and campaign performance.

Implemented WebDataStudio to track and unify data from various digital marketing campaigns.

Used WebDataStudio to track lead sources, user interactions, and conversion rates.


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